Where is my order?

What is the status of my order?

We promise you that once your order is shipped you will receive your tracking information instantaneously in an additional email. Until then your order is being sourced and prepared. More information on our production process: https://www.gymmemewear.com/pages/shipping-delivery

If it’s a government holiday or a promotional sale there may be a delay, review your confirmation email for additional information on your order’s shipping time. Click this link for additional information of shipping/production times: https://www.gymmemewear.com/pages/shipping-delivery 

Pre-order items? How do I know if I ordered a pre-order item?

Scroll down to the item description after selecting size, color & etc. it’s the information in the first column of the description.


Current PRE-ORDER cataloghttps://www.gymmemewear.com/collections/pre-order

When will pre-order items ship?

Individualized times are found in the item description of every item. We suggest if you have multiple items, order in-stock items separately otherwise the order will be on hold until preorder items are ready to ship.


If your question is not addressed above please feel free to contact one of our team members on Instagram in regards to your order: https://www.instagram.com/GYMMEMEWEAR/ *Inquiries are responded to in the order that they’re received, included your (Order #) in the first line of your message; or reply to your confirmation email.*